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Timber Joists

Protech Timber Engineering use
Masonite engineered I Joists.

Timber Joists

Masonite Beams comprise of high grade white wood flanges combined with OSB webs offering a superior strength to weight ratio. Masonite I-Joists carry the ETA certification and CE marking and are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and the environmental standard ISO 14001.

Engineered for Quality – The use of ULTRA-LAM as the flange material avoids the inherent problems that plague floor joists such as shrinking, twisting, cupping and bowing, all of which contribute to squeaking floors.

Engineered for Long Spans – Engineered for strength the I Joist gives greater design freedom to create larger open areas in rooms without having to use steel beams which can’t always be hidden in the floor and can prove unsightly.


Services – Service holes can be easily drilled in the OSB web to accommodate services.

Complementing the Masonite Joist is the ULTRA-LAM® range. Used as an alternative to steel in floors ULTRA-LAM® comes in depths to suit any Masonite Joist. Being able to fix timber to another engineered timber product instead of using steel reduces trades, cost and time as all necessary supports can be done by the joiner fitting the floor.

All Masonite Beams products are PEFC Certified.

Your flooring requirements are designed and manufactured precisely to your dimensions and requirements and you are provided with a full design and calculations.